Worth Knowing

Attractions and sights

Southern Funen’s tourist bureau is covering the most important attractions on Southern Funen www.visitsvendborg.com

Egeskov Castle | www.egeskov.dk
Valdemar Castle | www.valdemarslot.dk
Naturama | Nature historical museum located in Svendborg | www.naturama.dk
Maritimt Center Denmark | www.maritimtcenter.dk
Svendborg Museum | www.svendborgmuseum.dk

Local activities

The South of Funen is a popular holiday destination. Read all about it: www.visitsvendborg.com

Music and cultural events

Go to the Southern Funen's Calendar booklet covering the most important musical and cultural events on Southern Funen: www.sydfynskalenderen.dk

Hiking, runs and biking

Svendborg is enriched by a long list of possibilities for hiking, walks, biking or running. We have different map material available for our guests. Otherwise we will of course guide you to the routes that best suit your interests and needs.

The unique nature of South Funen

Southern Funen is a regular nature mecca for all nature lovers, and there is plenty of information to be found online. However, we have different material available, and we are also more than happy to provide sound advice or directions to people or clubs, whom might be of service if you have any special requests.www.naturturisme.dk

Fitness and gyms

There is a bunch of different gyms in Svendborg. Closest one to BB Christiansminde is Fitness.dk located only 200 meters away from us. Visit www.fitness.dk-Svendborg

Swimming baths: www.svendborgsvoemmeland.dk