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Booking and prices


Prices 2018:

  • Single room: DDK 350 ,-

  • Double room towards North: DDK 525 ,-

  • Double room toward East with a view: DDK 550,-
  • Double room South with a viewing terrace: DDK 595 ,-

  • Extra beds/per person: DDK 85 ,-

  • Breakfast/per person: DDK 60 ,-

Bed sheets and towels are included in the price.
If a stay exceeds 3 days, prices are negotiable per agreement with the proprietor.



You can ask any questions, or book a room by emailing us through our request form, or by sending an email to


We will then as quickly as possible email you to confirm your booking. 


We ask that you as quickly as possible, or at the latest 48 hours before your arrival email us at or call us at +45 20212254 or +45 61120841 to confirm your arrival – otherwise we may take advantage of the opportunity to rent to another party

  BB Christiansminde
BB Christiansminde
BB Christiansminde
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