BB Christiansminde



Welcome to BB Christiansminde!


BB Christiansminde is located, as you can see, with a unique view of Svendborg Sound


The Patrician Villa which was built in the late 1800’s is located close to both the city of Svendborg, as well as its harbor, with Christiansminde forest and beach in its backyard. Therefore you as guests get city, harbor, beach and forest right outside the door.


The Villa has been carefully renovated through the past 25 years, with a huge respect for “the Spirit of the House”, which means it balances perfectly between both modern and original.

We have in 2013 decorated three rooms/apartments on the 2’nd floor – one of which has a fantastic view, plus two single rooms on the first floor.
All rooms have own entrance, and access to a part of the Villa’s old garden.


It is our hope to create a feeling of good experiences in some wonderful surroundings.




Kind regards.
Mitsi and Keld

  BB Christiansminde
BB Christiansminde
BB Christiansminde
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